Well... we did not shut off the website due to huge outcry. Tebow faithful hammered me with support as this site has passed 3 million hits. Come on. Lets be real. Tebow will never again take the field in the NFL. We all know it. Last year was the perfect time and no one called. Me? I am a Jags fan and Tebow to Jax has always been my only angle.

So I will hang around and rub it in as the Jags continue to be the NFL laughing stock. 2-12  and worst than last year. As I predicted Blake Bortles has been thrown to the wolves. In the 3rd game no less....just like Gabbert in 2010. The results are ....well let's look.

Blake Bortles first eleven starts. "Full of Promise" is the scouting report from Jaguar hopefuls. "You can see the potential". Heard that before? Yes same as was said of Gabbert. Bortles The 2nd Coming of Gabbert? Compare if you will Bortles first eleven starts and Gabbert's. Then and yes...Tebow's.

Bortles compared to Gabbert & Tebow blows them both away with completion %. However Completion % does not win games. Touchdowns and protecting the ball, and having the offense score points does win games. So lets see how these three compare after thier first  11 starts.

Bortles 8 TD 15 interceptions
Gabbert  10 TD 9 interceptions
Tebow  15 TD 5 interception  ....plus Tebow ran for 5 TD's , 2 two point PATs & 989 yards

Win Loss record
Bortles 2-9
Gabbert  3-8

Tebow 8-3

Bortles has been sacked 54 times in his 11 starts more than Gabbert (46) & Tebow (33). You can see Bortles looking down at the rush in the Ravens game when he was sacked 8 times. Rather than keeping his eyes down field and reading the patterns develop he is preparing himself to get hit. He does not step up into the pocket or try and slip away from the rush. He does not get off a last second pass or throw the ball away. Instead when the rush closes in he just tucks the ball and curls up & falls down. This is exactly what happened to Gabbert. As We predicted The Jaguars have tossed him to the Wolves and he is being ruined ...just like Gabbert was.

Tebow was always escaping the rush and busting loose into the secondary. Many times putting his shoulder down and trying to roll over a defender for extra yards rather than slide like other NKL quarterbacks.


May 10 2014

JAGS-TEBOW.COM website Will close down this month. It is obvious that The Jaguars have made thier bed with Henne & Bortles. I wish them the best. I am Jags fan and starting the "JAGS-TEBOW WHY NOT" movement was to benefit the Jaguars & the City Of Jacksonville. As a group we made some noise on a National Level and raised the Tebow name again and again here in Jacksonville. We did the right thing by putting up the effort.

I Still believe that Tebow is the best option for the Jags even today. Last
year we had a chance...this year looks as if there is hardly a chance.

So as the owner of Jags-Tebow.com...I am going to shut off the lights and
close the door. I move on with no regrets. Casey, John, Veleka and the thousands who gave their support... you folks are the greatest. We fought the fight. We flew planes & banners over stadiums, put up billboards, ran radio & newspaper ads.

Tebow on the Jags... How grand would it have been. It was the perfect time. It was Guaranteed the Jags would have been the hottest topic and ticket in the NL. But instead here we are again.... heading into the season as underdogs in 15 of 16 games. The Jags, mark my words will again be the least popular team in the NFL and by years end will be happy if they can post 6 wins. No one will care about the Jags and will watch the jumbo scoreboard with more interest than the guys on the field.

Blaine Gabbert/Blake Bortles...both not ready for Prime time players. Hope
I am wrong. but note connection is the First names... Both start with

Cleveland sold 2,000 season tickets within 24 hours of drafting Johnny
Football. We have over 2,000 pledged to do the same if the Jags sign Tebow.

Is there such a push to see the big scoreboard or the 10 year rebuilding
Jags project?As Jags fans we are hopeful this time of year...every year we pray that this time we have the players to make a run of it...only to have our hopes dashed.

What is there to hope for. Henne is 5-22 as a starter. If it starts bad
then Bortles will be thrown to the wolves and be ruined ala Gabbert.

So I am moving on and hope Tebow gets a chance with someone. It would be the greatest debate ever played out on a football field. Either the
greatest "he sucks" I told you so in history....or one of the greatest
Football comeback stories ever told. Either way everyone would watch.

Best of luck to you Tim Tebow. A class act and one heck of a Football player. Denver happened. It was not a Movie, It was not a dream. It was not a hallucination. It was real. It happened. We all saw it and were on the edge of our seat each Sunday. A miracle turnabout of a team going nowhere. It was the same defense. It was the same kicker. It was the same players that had gone 5-17 over the past two seasons an 1-4 at the time Tebow stepped behind center. The only change was Tebow.

He deserves another chance. Jets- Patriots did not give Tebow a chance.

A once in a lifetime player that would still today be the perfect fit here in Jacksonville.


James "Stew" Stewart



So I ask... Jags- Tebow Why Not?

The rest of the NFL is yawning and the Jacksonville Jaguars are insignificant as a football team. Now we will have a huge scoreboard and swimming Pools... great stuff to do and watch seeing how the team is likely to be a cream puff again this year and there will be little to cheer for on the field.

In national polls 93% believe Tebow deserves a chance to find out if he still has the magic we saw in only real shot in Denver. Lets do our part as Fans and get better organized this time. Last September in just a few weeks we were able to get National Attention by Flying Tebow Banners from planes over the Jags games (five times). We had over a dozen billboard ads. We did radio ads, newspaper ads.

So again We want to get a group of Jacksonville fans to wave the banner for asking the Jags to give Tebow a shot at QB. The Sports Nation would go bonkers and the Jaguars would be one of the hottest tickets in the NFL.

There are some that don't want Tebow playing again. Mostly because they all spouted out that Tebow sucks and cannot play. Well he has not sucked and shown he can indeed play. When given as legitimate chance... Tebow has played and won. The Jets/Patriots were not legitimate chances.

Even the ones who hate him would be glued to the TV or on the edge of their seats if Tebow were taking the Snaps for the Jags. It is like a car wreck. No one wants it to happen but if it does we are all looking at it...rubber necking.

So we are going to ask everyone to bring food and drinks to Everbank and we will tailgate, wave our Tebow signs and plan our next move.Call me or text me at 904 214-4855 and lets get involved.

If you are not from the Jacksonville area ...make a road trip here. Jacksonville is beautiful this time of year. We would love to have you get involved. We got nearly 4,000 text message of support from outside the Jax area last year. Some of you should make a visit and why not? 3/16 at 3:16 Everbank parking lot W by the Jaguar statue



At this moment, Tim Tebow remains the best option for the Jaguars at Quarterback. None of the Quarterbacks that the Jags would consider with the 3rd overall pick are Franchise QB's. Don't kid yourself. It still would be years before any of them could carry a team on their back.The Jags would just repeat the Gabbert process of throwing a young QB to the wolves & ruining him. The Jags are lucky that Tebow is still avail to be signed as a free agent. They should give that serious consideration before the draft in May. They would be smart to draft offensive line, running back & defense & Sign Tebow. This is a cannot lose move. If Tebow is able to repeat the success he had in Denver then the Jags are the biggest story in the NFL and have 80,000 people in the seats. If Tebow truly sucks then the Jags are the biggest story in the NFL and have 80,000 people in the seats ...plus get another high draft pick in 2015.



Jacksonville Jaguars 4 wins over weak teams convinces me that the Jags should sign Tim Tebow now. Here is why. The wins by the Jaguars were defensive wins and the Jags only had one offensive TD in those games. Gus Brandley is looking to be the Defensive Guy that he was in Seattle. Therefore the Jaguars should do what Ethan Shines suggested in his open letter to the Jaguars,

"* Mr.Caldwell and coach Bradley - please sign Tim Tebow to a long term contract and build a dynasty around him. We could dominate the division for the next decade if you build a foundation with Tebow. Coach Bradley, with your defensive insight and genius you can use the 2014 & 2015 drafts to beef up the defense so that it will become feared like you did in Seattle. Some are saying we can land Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel. . There are no guarantees when picking a QB unless they have a winning track record in the NFL (AS TEBOW DOES!) Remember Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell, Andre Ware, Todd Blackledge, Matt Leinart, Richard Todd, Tim Couch, Rich Campbell, Art Schlichter, David Klingler, Jimmy Clausen, Kelly Stouffer, Heath Shuler, Akili Smith, Mike Phipps, Jack Thompson (the throwin' Samoan), Rick Mirer and others? Get Tim Tebow, sign him long-term, build a monster defense through future drafts, and lets go win some trophies!

* By not having to draft a quarterback you can beef up the line and defense. Remember the defense you had? Rebuild it."

Sign Tebow now and see what he has got. If it works you save those draft picks you would spend on a QB and go right to Building your defense.

 Denver Is going to regret letting Tebow go. This could be Manning's last season as he is fading fast.The Jets were LAST in passing QB rating

Join us in this Jacksonville and we can send our message.                           


 Love him or hate him ....Tim Tebow behind center in a Jacksonville Jaguar uniform would bring excitement.

We are asking that YOU Take action NOW. We are mobilizing the City Of Jacksonville to pressure the Jaguars to signTebow. If the Jags got Him....Overnight, The Jaguars would be on the National Stage. The Stadium will be full of Tebow Maniacs & Tebow haters alike. The whole country would tingle with anticipation & all eyes would be on Jacksonville. Not as a punch less loser but as the Grand-Final-Once-and-for-all Tebow proving ground.

The Jags front office has already said they are not going go after Tebow. WHY NOT? The Jags belong to Jacksonville. Let's Take Action and Show the Jags we want to bring this Hometown hero here and let's see what happens. EVERYONE wants to see this.

Here is our action plan. Put a "Jags-Tebow WHY NOT? "Signs everywhere in Jacksonville. Put it On signs on every corner of Jacksonville, Put it On bumpers of every car, On shirts and hats of everyone in Jacksonville.

Make your own or get one from us. Does not matter. Just do it and do it now. Do it large and do it fast. We want Tebow. This is the perfect time. The planets have aligned. The universe is unfolding as it should. We need you to do your part.

So we are asking YOU. Take action. Donate to the cause. Volunteer to the cause. Get one of our signs or make your own. JAGS-TEBOW WHY NOT? Signs, shirts, stickers or whatever. Every Monday until the JAGS cave, come to the stadium 5:30 to 7:30 and wave the TEBOW banner. Get your friends, relatives, church, school, club, gang... your circle of influence. If we Do not take action the Jags will just lay down and tank the season so they can get the 1st pick in the 2014 draft.